Following the Prime Minister's INSTRUCTIONS !
I am OPEN because I am classed as an essential service.
BUT, and it's a big BUT
I respectfully ask that we keep a safe distance of 2 metres as per government / NHS recommendations.
If not work will stop.
My workshop is NOT virus friendly, neither do I need to get in your car at all, remember all of my work is on the outside. I have seating in reception, or if it is sunny I can put a chair outside. We do NOT need to get close !
I wash my hands may times each day, and often wear gloves. We will get through this scare, We are England, we will fight the battle and win ! 
At the moment tyre supplies are good, but this may become a problem.
I now get only 1 delivery per day from each of my suppliers as they also have staff problems.
I have good supplies of puncture repair plugs, so we are ok on that front !   
 Stocks of Bike tyres are rolling in as normal, so
I am looking forward to seeing all my biking customers.
Thank you, Andy and Lizzie 
spring is on it's way, BUT poor weather with frost and snow is still possible
WINTER TYRES will need to be off SOON !
  Winter brings cold, wet weather, frost, sleet and probably snow, therefore your tyres need to be up to the job  they need to do and fit for purpose.
Winter tyres
 Work best in temperatures of 7 degrees and lower. They are not just "Snow tyres", but actually are "Cold Weather" tyres. This means they perform better in ALL the conditions that Winter brings.
1/ They are NOT soft rubber, but the compounds are formulated to keep "flexible" in these lower temperatures, thus maintaining the level of grip required. Our normal summer tyres loose grip as the compounds stiffen up at low temperatures, with the resulting loss of grip.
2/ Winter tyres have a large quantity of "sipes", they are small grooves in the tread that act like a squeegee, removing much more water from under the tyre, making driving on wet roads far safer.
3/ The tread design is of a very "corse" design with large grooves and more cutting edges to cope with Snow and Sleet. Winter tyres with good self clearing properties help keep you on the move, and also just as important, Stop ! (especially down hill). 
 Dunlop "motorcycle tyre" special offer has been extended to 31/07/19 !
Buy a pair of qualifying tyres and get £ cash back !
1/ Purchase and fit a matching qualifying Dunlop tyres (up to 31/06/19)
2/ Go to www.dunlopmotorewards.eu and fill in the online form
3/ Upload a copy of your invoice
4/ Look forward to receiving you £ direct into your bank
( A pair means 1 front and 1 rear supplied and fitted at the same time on 1 invoice)