Do you need a spare wheel ?
Bought a car, NO spare wheel ?
Had your spare stolen ?
I can help ! 
Why you need to buy a spare wheel from The Pitstop in Mirfield !
More and more new vehicles are being sold without a spare wheel ! No doubt you may have already found that out, instead you have a bottle of "gunge" and a small air pump to plug into the cigarette socket. Not very good when you are sat at the side of the road with a gaping hole in the tyre. In our experience this "gunge" only works in around 10% of the tyres we see. This is because that by the time you have managed to find a safe place to stop the tyre usually has already suffered secondary "run flat" damage rendering the "gunge" totally and utterly useless !  
We do have an answer, You need a good old fashioned spare wheel ! 
 We supply genuine "Original Equipment specification" German made KEZ-Stahlrad steel wheels. These are available around 90% of the car park ranging from 12" to 17" in diameter. The size of the steel spare wheel supplied and tyre size fitted is calculated to match the original wheels.
Prices start from £51.00 plus the price of a suitable budget brand tyre.

What ever you need, call us on 01484 455665  / 01924 724231 or e-mail thepitstopmirfield@googlemail.com