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Motorcycle riders advice update (03/12/2018)
  It's December NOW, Winter is almost here!
  Yes, Winter is upon us again.  It's wet and cold, so enjoy, but keep a close eye on your tyres as you clock up the miles, remember your tyres have to deal with the cold temperatures as well as the rain!  Make sure you check the pressures before you go for a run. I have a wide range of bike tyres stock from Bridgestone, Dunlop, Metzeler & Michelin including the new Metzeler Roadtec 01 and Michelin Road 5 as well as the very respected DUNLOP RoadSmart 3 as fitted to my own bike, all tyres to cope with whatever the weather throws at us.
  Take a look at YOUR tyres, are they still good to go, or are they past their sell by date? Don't get caught with tyres not up to the job ! If in doubt, call in and let me have a look. Don't take chances on 2 wheels, it is NOT worth it. Falling off HURTS !
 For Adventure bikes
 We carry in stock Metzeler Tourance and Dunlop TrailSmartMAX (50/50 on/off road) in the popular adventure bike sizes 110/80r19 front and 150/70r17 rears  and also the newer BMW GS1200 on 120/70r19 front and 170/60r17 rear, Metzeler Tourance Next.
 I also have many riders that have remove the original 50/50 type tyre and replace with a pure road tyres such as the new Dunlop RoadSmart 3. Road tyres like this give a much better quality of ride and superior road holding, which is big advantage if you only ride on the tarmac road !
Don't let your tyre get like this one to the left !!!!
Not only is it bloody dangerous, it will attract PC PLOD in his road traffic car and we wouldn't want that now would we ?  That exposed wire flashing in the sunlight is just the signal needed to attract their unwanted attention ! This particular rider was horrified when he realised how bad his tyre was after his mate pointed it out, so thanks very much to his mate !
Please note, the legal limit for a bike tyre is still 1mm, but do you want to push your luck so far ?

Food for thought !
Testing has proven that tyres worn to the 1.6mm legal limit can increase stopping distances by nearly a bus length ! Source Continental tyres (Premium German tyre manufacturers) That's the difference between stopping and having an accident !
Think about it now, before its to late

Well, that is free of course. Not sure what you want or need ?  There is no obligation at all, but professional advice helps. My advice comes from over 43 years experience, full City and Guilds training & manufacturers recommendations. Whether you take my advice or not, that of course is up to you, but it is given with integrity & your best interest in mind.  All our work is carried out to the relevant "British Standards". Lastly, my site is designed to inform and help, NOT hard sell.

Tyre industry information & advice

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On the point of safety,
 When changing a wheel, ie fitting your spare wheel, it is very important to ensure that the wheel nuts are fitted the correct way. This means with the flat side facing you, taper to the wheel !  Look at the picture of the spacesaver wheel on the left. It has THREE nuts on the wrong way and only ONE the correct way. That's the one on the lower right which I turned around for the photo, as this car came in with ALL the nuts on the wrong way. This is not the first time, and won't be the last, but they are very very lucky the wheel didn't fall off !