Have you bought  your own tyres on online and need them fitting?
  That's Ok, I provide a tyre fitting service for cars / vans & SUV's. Just give me a call and arrange a fitting time to suit you.

Tyre fitting prices for customers own new car tyres
The cost of fitting per tyre includes new valves, balancing and cleaning / greasing the hubs as required.
Tyres fitted to wheels from 13" to 19" diameter = £15 each, or if you have 20" / 21" or 22"" tyres = £20 each (Excluding Run on Flat, please enquire)
Did you know that you can dispose of your own old tyres at the council recycling centre (tip), it's ABSOLUTELY  FREE !
If needed, I can dispose of your tyres, at a cost of £1.50 per tyre 

Tyre fitting for customers own motorcycle / scooter tyres are priced on loose wheels.
The cost of fitting the tyre includes a new valve and balancing as required.
Tubeless tyres on normal cast alloy wheels  = £15 each
Tubed type tyres on wire spoke wheels = £20 each plus the price of a new tube.
Tubeless scooter tyres = £10 each, Tubed type scooter tyres on split rims = £20
(please note I do note remove/refit scooter wheels)

Please go to the "motorcycle services page" for more information