Have you bought  your own tyres on online and need them fitting?
  That's Ok, I provide a tyre fitting service for cars / vans & SUV's. Just give me a call and arrange a fitting time to suit you.

Tyre fitting prices for customers own new car tyres or refitting your WINTER tyres (loose tyres)
The cost of fitting per tyre includes new valves, balancing and cleaning / greasing the hubs as required.
Tyres fitted to wheels from 13" to 19" diameter = £15 each, or if you have 20" / 21" or 22"" tyres = £20 each
Did you know that you can dispose of your own old tyres at the council recycling centre (tip), it's ABSOLUTELY  FREE !
If needed, I can dispose of your tyres, at a cost of £1.20 per tyre 

Tyre fitting for customers own motorcycle / scooter tyres are priced on loose wheels.
The cost of fitting the tyre includes a new valve and balancing as required.
Tubeless tyres on normal cast alloy wheels  = £15 each
Tubed type tyres on wire spoke wheels = £20 each plus the price of a new tube.
Tubeless scooter tyres = £10 each, Tubed type scooter tyres on split rims = £20
(please note I do note remove/refit scooter wheels)

Please go to the "motorcycle services page" for more information