Do you have a problem with your tyre pressure warning system (TPMS) ?
More and more vehicles are fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) which is great when it works ! That is the little illuminated "flat tyre" symbol on your dashboard that lights up when there is a problem. It will also show up when you switch the ignition on as part of the self check procedure.
The ones we can help with are the direct operating systems that have a "proper pressure sensor" in the wheel attached to the back of the valve.
  Any vehicle made after 01/01/2012 with a factory fitted TPMS system must be in working order for the MOT.

The most common causes of valve / sensor failure.  
  1/ The first & most natural problem is that the batteries have a limited life span (sealed units), so failure is going to happen at some point !
  2/ The next prominent cause is that the valve core "seizes" in the hole, corrosion causing the valve body to become weak and on attempting to remove the core, the valve body collapses.
  3/ Quite often we have the owner who manages to "snap off" the valve body when adjusting tyre pressures, yes it does happen as the majority are a ridged "bolt in" metal valve with no flexibility, unlike a normal "rubber" based valve. 
  4/ Occasionally it is the sensor that has actually been broken, either by impact on the road or by a careless fitter.
  This is not an exhaustive list, but covers 4 of the most probable causes of failure. If your problem is caused by any of the above, of course we are here to help.  Pressure sensors come in 2 basic types.
  1/ One piece valves, ie: sensor and valve body are made as one unit (naturally more expensive).
  2/ Two piece valves, ie: sensor and valve body are separate units allowing either to be replaced.

We do have some answers :-
 I can repair a broken valve stem by fitting a replacement "outer stem". This involves drilling out the broken section, tapping out the hole and fitting a new stem. This is for really for one piece sensor/valve body assemblies that are very expensive. This service only costs £42.00 including parts / labour & VAT
 By using our diagnostics equipment, we can tell you the condition of each wheel sensor. The information accessed is Sensor ID number, Battery condition, Tyre pressure & Temperature. With this data we can then decide if there is a problem or not. If we can't communicate with the sensor then you know you have a failed unit.  This diagnostic service we offer for £12.00 including VAT.
 The cost to program & fit a new sensor is just £24.00 plus the price of the new sensor or sensor & valve assembly as required, subject to availability.  This involves removal of the tyre, fitting the sensor, refitting the tyre and rebalancing the wheel. 


A broken TPMS valve, usually done when

checking pressures. (seen many times)


The broken valve now repaired with a replacement

stem and cap, just as good as when new !

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